Online Craps

Online craps are a table of dice games that does not involve much strategy to play. Vision wise, it may look complicated but the game does not need much planning in comparison to other table games of the casino world. In this dice gambling game, a newbie can also place a bet because it requires no such skill apart from having the qualities of a fundamental wager. The table layout for craps looks complex, where you will find a number of betting areas. Unlike other games, the crap has four dealers and multiple high rollers around its table. Moreover, a stickman’s job is to manipulate the gamblers around the table.

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Rules and Regulations of Online Craps

Real cash online craps, however, differ from live table craps in a few ways. Dice control does not exist on online gambling craps. While shooting a dice online, the dice rolls are influenced by the automated technique of random numbers.

  • Basic rule: While betting on the online craps site UK, the wagers bet on the result of 2 dice roll. Both the dice must cross a specified line marked and touch the inner wall on the craps table. The required number for the pass line stake is 7 or 11.
  • Pass and Come bets: While playing online craps for real money, always remember to bet on the odd, pass and come bets. The game of pass line bet in online craps holds a house edge of almost 1.41%. The come bet is significantly similar to the pass line bet, but the wager is made only after the establishment of the point.
  • Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Bets: This betting is quite simple and easy to understand. To bet for “don’t pass” bet, all you have to do is fix your call for a bet not in favour of the pass line. Similarly, if your stake is against the come bet that means you have sealed the deal for “don’t come.”
  • Odds bet: Online craps for real money offers odds bet in the form of side bets. Here, the house edge being null makes the bet fair enough in the casino. At times, you should consider betting on odds as well because it lowers the house edge of your original bet on the whole.

Win an Online Baccarat

Winning a game of baccarat at some of the new online craps casinos require proper strategies. If you are not a hardcore gambler yet, try following the planned strategies and you will have a golden chance to be triumphant:

  • Understand the game, the gaming procedures, and all the rules associated with it.
  • Set the bet cleverly and in low This will help you survive in the game longer.
  • Keep a check on the odds simultaneously. Before picking up the bet, ensure that the offers are transparent.
  • Consider the winning percentage in the game. Because winning hand bet on the dealer will cost you a fee of 5%.
  • Baccarat is definitely a game of luck therefore; sealing a winning bet on either side is difficult. However, you should try to bet on the player because the fees involved with betting on banker are likely to cause difficulties.
  • Payouts on tie hand are quite lucrative with a ratio of 8:1. However alluring it may seem, betting on a tie is not recommended in the game of baccarat, as it bears a huge 9.5% house edge.
  • Involving in shorter sessions of baccarat online will make you well prepared of how much bankroll you plan to lose and how much can be won.
  • Prior to making any deposits in the online casinos, it is advisable to go through their terms and conditions cautiously. Any hidden requisites will affect later.

Online Craps vs Live Craps

  • In the online craps, the player doesn’t have a dice control. Dice shooter is controlled by a mechanism to obtain random point numbers. In live craps, you get to roll real dice.
  • For craps in the online casinos, you don’t require a dress code whereas, in live craps, the casinos standard dress code is maintained.
  • Travel time is saved with online craps, unlike traditional live craps.
  • In the online craps, the game progresses quite faster compared to live craps.
  • Online craps offer better complimentary programs compared to live craps tables.

Choosing a Craps Casino

  • Browse through the best online craps casinos and pick the one that has a variety of craps to offer.
  • Online casinos that offer fuss-free deposits and swift payouts are to be chosen.
  • Go for the craps sites that have real big bonuses to offer you. However, always look for any hidden cost involved.

 Mobile Craps Casino in UK

Technology evolution is happening at a faster pace and so is the designing of software. Today, you will come across such unique craps casino software that will numb you an extent where you will not even feel the real world. Few such mobile craps are: Aw! Craps, Craps (Free), Easy Craps, etc.

Top Craps Casino UK 2020

Online craps review counts when it comes to rating the craps casinos. Here is a list of latest top craps casinos in UK:

  • Betway Casino
  • Karamba
  • Hippodrome Casino
  • Grosvenor Casino


What are the types of craps bets?

Place bets, Place bets for 5 & 9, Place bets for 4 & 10, Place to lose bets, Buy bets, Lay bets, Big 6 & 8, Hard way bets, Put bet, Field bets, Proposition bets.

Craps variations are rare, are there any?

Chuck a Luck, Sic Bo are two variations of Craps.

What are the best procedures to deposit real money in online craps?

Bank wire, Western Union, MoneyGram are a few platforms used to deposit money.

Are the offers made by online craps site genuine?

Yes, they are trustworthy. If you find anything fishy, go through their terms and conditions thoroughly.

Final Verdict

Enjoy the fun game with top online casinos for craps and explore your luck to the fullest. However, beware of scammers and gamble safely. With all these valuable information and strategies, you can definitely become the “Don of Gambling” at any casino of your liking.