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Practically, since the most ancient times of the existence of mankind, people tried to invent any kind of gambling so that they could have an opportunity to have fun and brighten up their everyday life. Moreover, every year, such entertainment has evolved and received new variations. That is why the next evolutionary step in the world of gambling has become online casinos.

Such sites combine the maximum number of gambling games in which the user can play online. Thus, visiting traditional casinos every year loses its meaning more and more, as, in an online casino, a user can always find many more games and entertainment. In addition, online casinos offer a flexible system of rates with which traditional casinos simply cannot be compared.

In the era of online casinos, this market is a variety of virtual sites and online games that receives new updates every year and never stands still.

Rank Casino Review Bonus Play
1 Mr Green Casino Review review Mr Green Casino Review Mr Green Casino Review
Up to
+ 200 Bonus Spins
2 VideoSlots Casino Review review VideoSlots Casino Review VideoSlots Casino Review
Up to
+ 11 Wager-Free Spins
3 Rizk Casino Review review Rizk Casino Review Rizk Casino Review
Up to
+50 Extra Spins
4 Spinit Casino Review review Spinit Casino Review Spinit Casino Review
Up to
+ 200 Free Spins
5 Temple Nile Casino Review review Temple Nile Casino Review Temple Nile Casino Review
Up to
+ 30 Extra Spins
6 Guts Casino Review review Guts Casino Review Guts Casino Review
Up to
+ 50 Free Spins
7 Casumo Casino Review review Casumo Casino Review Casumo Casino Review
Up to
+ 30 No Deposit Wager-Free Spins
8 ComeOn Casino Review review ComeOn Casino Review ComeOn Casino Review
Up to
9 Cruise Casino Review review Cruise Casino Review Cruise Casino Review
up to
+ 200 Extra Spins
10 Omnia Casino Review review Omnia Casino Review Omnia Casino Review
Up to
Bonus Spins + Up to 12% Weekly Cashback
11 Hippodrome Casino Review review Hippodrome Casino Review Hippodrome Casino Review
Up to
12 BGO Casino Review review BGO Casino Review BGO Casino Review
Up to
+10 No Deposit Wager-Free Spins
  1. What are Online Casinos?
  2. Online Casino Types
    1. Mobile Best Online Casino Sites Gambling
    2. Live Casino Websites Option
    3. Download Options
    4. Browser Gambling Sites Variant
    5. VR Options
  3. Casino Bonuses at New Casino Sites in the UK 
    1. Bonus for Newcomers
    2. No Deposit Bonus
    3. Free Spins Bonus for Regular Players
    4. Return Part of The Amount
  4. How Do We Choose Online Casinos for our Top 20
    1. Licensed Or Not
    2. Licensed Gamble Online Software
    3. Terms and Conditions
    4. Casino Websites Reputation
    5. Availability of Round-The-Clock Technical Support
    6. New casino sites UK Payment Systems
    7. Demo Versions of Games in UK Casinos
  5. Online Gambling UK Games
    1. Online Keno
    2. Online Scratch Cards
    3. Online Craps
    4. Online Baccarat
    5. Online Video Poker
    6. Online Roulette
    7. Online Slot Machines
    8. Online Blackjack
    9. Live Croupier
  6. Popular UK Online Casino Software Providers
  7. Online Casinos Guide On Payment Systems
    1. Payment Regulations
    2. Withdrawing Procedure
    3. Repute of a Casino
  8. Online Gambling Regulations in the UK
  9. Responsible Online Gambling in the UK
  10. Main Difference in the UK’s casinos
  11. Best UK Online Casinos for Real Money 2020
  12. FAQ
    1. Can You Trust Online Casino Reviews?
    2. Are Real Money UK Online Casinos Industry Safe?
    3. Can I Play Fair Online Casinos for Free?
    4. Are All These Online Casinos Legitimate?
    5. Do High Rollers Get Special VIP Packages?
    6. How Can I Maximise My Chances of Winning?
    7. Can I Also Bet On Sports, Bingo, Poker, Etc.?
    8. How Can I Get Help for Problem Gambling?
    9. Do Online Deposits Charge Any Fees?
    10. Is There a Limit on How Much You Can Deposit?
  13. Bottom Line

What are Online Casinos?

Many people mistakenly believe that online casinos appeared immediately after the advent of the global Internet. However, this judgment is quite erroneous since, in fact, they appeared years after the Internet was already functioning. Today online casino is the quintessence of traditional casinos which are located on the Internet. In this case, the gambler has no need to be tied to a specific place to enjoy the game or make money.

Today in the world, there are thousands of online casinos. However, it should be understood that not all units from this list have the appropriate licenses and are regulated by the relevant authorities. In addition, not all casinos use licensed software, and this, in turn, is a threat to an ordinary player. The most popular casinos always cooperate exclusively with top online game developers and, accordingly, their products attract the attention of players from all over the world.

It is also worth noting that many online casinos have integrated their applications for almost any device, including computers for mobile phones and tablets.

Online Casino Types

It goes without saying that as soon as online casinos began to gain their popularity, completely different varieties of this gaming entertainment began to appear. Today, online casinos are very diverse and can be accessed at any time and place where there is internet coverage.

Mobile Best Online Casino Sites Gambling

Mobile online casino is probably one of the most popular options for online games. In this case, we are talking about the fact that all the games that are available in online casinos can be integrated into mobile phones. This method gained its popularity due to the fact that the mobile phone is always at hand, and each of the players can start the game and make bets absolutely any time and place.

It is also worth noting that some popular online casinos have developed mobile applications in order for the player to be much easier and faster to enter this or that online casino. However, it should be understood that not all types of games are present in such applications. If you have some favourite game, it is better to make sure in advance that the casino where you plan to play this option is present in the mobile application.

Live Casino Websites Option

This kind of casino is very popular lately and provides for the presence of a live dealer in the game. Thus, players have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a traditional casino fully, but at the same time, remain completely different places and enjoy the mobility of online casinos. In this case, the croupier plays the role of a casino representative who monitors the rules and leads the game accordingly.

Download Options

Some types of online casinos suggest that the user will need to download certain software to their device in order to have access to online games. Most often, this practice is necessary in order to ensure a high level of data transfer speed between the player’s device and the casino itself.

Browser Gambling Sites Variant

This type of online casino is characterised by the fact that in order for a player to start the game, he needs to go to any browser and enter the address of a particular casino. Thus, in order to start the game, the player will need either a personal computer, a mobile phone. This method is popular and does not require the player to download additional software on their device. Thus, if you have access to the Internet, you must know the address of your favourite casino.

VR Options

This type of online casino is one of the latest achievements in this field. In this way, the player achieves the maximum presence effect and receives the widest range of pleasure from the current gameplay.

Casino Bonuses at New Casino Sites in the UK 

Often, bonuses that provide online casinos can be represented in the form of funds that a player can use for the so-called free game. Such bonuses are usually provided to their registered players so that they can try this or that game before depositing money.

Also, bonuses have another purpose, such as partial compensation for lost money, or a bonus for a deposit. That is why it is very important to find out what bonuses exist in modern casinos.

Bonus for Newcomers

Some online casinos use the practice of providing bonuses to registered users in case they agree to deposit funds on their deposit using one or another payment method. Thus, players are encouraged with a bonus of 10 to 20%. However, it is worth noting that with the selected payment methods, a commission of up to 3% is usually charged to the client.

No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus is very common and attracts the attention of many users. In order to receive this type of bonuses, the casino offers its customers a certain amount of funds that go to the customer’s account without making a prior deposit. Thus, the casino attracts new customers to try this or that game and play for real money.

However, this type of bonuses, even after a win, is not always easy to withdraw from the account. Usually, the player is offered to play a certain series of games, and if the player successfully completes the series, then this money can be withdrawn to the account.

Free Spins Bonus for Regular Players

In order to encourage the most active players as well as players from the VIP client series, the casino offers such players a certain kind of bonus in order to increase customer loyalty and keep their attention on their website. Most often, these players receive bonuses for a certain number of bets or the number of bets. Such a casino decision is very easy to explain by the fact that all gambling portals that work online highly value their most active customers and try to make their game as comfortable as possible and the service continues to remain at the highest possible level.

Return Part of The Amount

This type of bonus is very rare among the majority of online casinos. As in this case, the casino undertakes to return part of the lost money to the client. It is worth noting that the return, in this case, is most often from 5 to 25% of the lost amount.

This type of bonuses is mainly designed for beginners, since they actually have little practice playing and often take a little longer to familiarise themselves with certain games and subsequently opt for one of them or several games.

How Do We Choose Online Casinos for our Top 20

Today, the online casino market is only partially regulated. However, casinos that are licensed and use licensed software are much more reliable than an institution that does not have these characteristics.

Thus, experienced and novice players must understand that there are certain parameters on which to navigate when choosing one or another online casino.

Licensed Or Not

The presence of a license on the site of one or another online casino is a direct confirmation of the fact that the relevant authorities control it. Thus, all business activities of this casino are carefully analysed for compliance with the stated rules and also that all payments that the casino is guaranteed to pay to the players are carried out in full.

Licensed Gamble Online Software

This option is mainly inherent in the most popular casinos. It should be noted that among those casinos that use licensed software from global manufacturers almost no scammers to find. As in order to use such a tool, a company needs to make significant investments both in the development of the site itself and in the purchase of licensed software. Basically, only companies that are planning to conduct a long and honest business are ready to take such steps.

Terms and Conditions

Before you start making active bets on a particular online casino, you must first familiarise yourself with all the rules governing the operation of this casino. On the site of almost all top online casinos, there is a list of rules with which the user can get acquainted at any time.

Casino Websites Reputation

It is also worth noting that each player before choosing this or that casino should learn about the experience of other users. If the majority of users have a positive experience, then you can note for yourself that this casino is acceptable to you.

Often information about the reputation of a casino can be easily found on the Internet and mainly formed from reviews of both real players and online experts. Thus, after reading the reviews, you can immediately understand the strengths and weaknesses of this casino and decide for yourself whether to start cooperation with it.

Availability of Round-The-Clock Technical Support

This parameter is significant since many players at one time or another have questions regarding the technical operation of the casino. Thus, serious casinos should provide round-the-clock support to their customers, who will be able to provide an explanation on a specific issue as soon as possible and also explain certain rules of the game.

New casino sites UK Payment Systems

In this question, it is necessary to clarify initially what payment systems use one or another online casino. It is also very important to know what percentage of the commission you will need to pay when you deposit funds into your deposit. If the casino offers a large number of payment instruments as well as various currency options, then often this casino is very worthy.

Demo Versions of Games in UK Casinos

The most popular modern casinos today provide an opportunity for novice players to try their hand at demo versions of the most popular games. Thus, players have a great opportunity to thoroughly study the rules of the game and also get acquainted with the gameplay.

Online Gambling UK Games

Depending on which casino you choose, you will be offered a certain list of games that you can later play. In fact, today, almost all gambling sites offer a large number of different variations of traditional gambling games that can be found in any land-based casino. Among the most popular gambling games that can be found in online casinos, the following should be noted:

Online Keno

Keno has also received a very widespread among all types of gambling and entertainment portals. Customers who choose online keno can spend a very interesting time experiencing their intuition in this type of game.

Online Scratch Cards

This type of online games is one of the simplest since the client needs to choose a bet and start the game. Unlike traditional casinos, online ones offer very comfortable bets that start from one dollar. The essence of the game is that the player needs to open this or that series of cards which may contain a winning combination.

Online Craps

Craps is a very popular form of entertainment in online casino sites. The essence of this game is that players can bet different types of bets on the result of rolled bones. In this case, players can play against each other and against the casino.

Online Baccarat

This game has gained a lot of popularity among online players around the world. Its main difference from the classic ground-based casino game is the low threshold of bets and the presence of a huge number of variations of this game.

Online Video Poker

This type of poker is somewhat less popular than traditional poker at online casinos. However, due to its format, players have incredibly high chances to use their own game strategies and make their chances of winning the maximum. The main factor in this game is luck.

Online Roulette

Almost all in real cash online casinos that work on the Internet without fail using this online game. Basically, the differences between online casinos in this issue can be observed in the presence of various variations of this game on the site. Thus, some casinos represent the maximum number of variations of the online roulette for the client to choose one version or another.

Online Slot Machines

Slots are ones of the most widely represented in gambling websites for real money. This category should include both classical devices and their more modern counterparts. In addition, it is worth noting that this category contains one of the largest variations of the bonus system as part of the gameplay.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is represented in almost all online casinos and is characterised by a vast number of options and rules. In addition, in this game, a huge amount of bets is possible, and therefore, the interest of players to it is very high. It is also worth noting that this game is essentially a classic and is constantly successfully evolving compared to other online games.

Live Croupier

This format of online games appeared relatively long ago and suggests the presence of a live dealer in a variety of games. Thus, players have a full opportunity to feel the whole atmosphere of traditional casinos and nevertheless feel all the advantages of gambling institutions operating online.

Popular UK Online Casino Software Providers

Today most top casinos use only licensed soft by worldwide developers. The most trusted among them are:

Online Casinos Guide On Payment Systems

Today, every online casino uses its own list of payment systems. It is worth noting immediately that the more diverse the payment systems on the online casino site are, the more clients it will be able to attract. The fact is that each client has his own preferences on how to deposit money and what percentage should be paid.

Payment Regulations

Since each casino uses its own specific payment systems, you should directly pay attention to the parameters that certain payment systems must possess in order to make their use as comfortable as possible for the user.

These parameters include:

Withdrawing Procedure

The procedure for withdrawing money from a client’s account is an essential component of the operation of any online casino. It is thanks to this parameter that customers most often evaluate the work of a casino and, if they do not fulfil their payment obligations, they can write a very unflattering review, thereby spoiling the reputation.

Repute of a Casino

Absolutely all the most popular online casinos are trying to value their reputation. This aspect of the casino operation most directly affects the acquisition of new customers as well as the formation of loyalty and trust in the casino.

It should be noted that each casino keeps its reputation at the maximum level, but this is possible only if the casino does provide the best customer service and guarantees payments to its customers. These two parameters have the greatest influence on the casino’s reputation. In fact, even if it will have the appropriate license and licensed software will be installed on its website, it is non-compliance with its payout obligations and the neglect of customer service by the support service can simply destroy the casino’s reputation.

That is why this parameter is worth paying attention when choosing one or another online casino. Thus, you will be able to see in advance the advantages and disadvantages of each gambling site for your own decision how appropriate it will be to stop your choice here.

Online Gambling Regulations in the UK

To date, the entire online business in a country like the UK is completely legalised. It is worth noting that this practice appeared relatively recently. The fact is that until 2005, there was not a single law that would regulate gambling portals on the Internet.

Very remarkable is the fact that the income from online casinos makes up more than one-third of the total income in the gambling business. Today, this type of business regulates 2 main bodies, namely:

Responsible Online Gambling in the UK

It goes without saying that to approach the issue of online games and entertainment is very responsible. The fact is that first of all, it is necessary to understand that this type of entertainment is intended primarily to provide the player with the opportunity to experience incredibly cool emotions from the gameplay. That is why online casino games should be treated directly as entertainment.

If you want this entertainment to bring you a lot of money, then you need to become a truly experienced and professional player. To do this, it is worthwhile, firstly, to have a certain level of playing practice and also to analyse deeply various types of strategies in a particular game. After you learn how to apply these practices properly, you can try your hand at various online tournaments around the world and thus turn entertainment into a way of earning.

Main Difference in the UK’s casinos

Basically, all UK casinos differ in essence only by a set of certain online games. Thus, in order to compare them, the easiest way is to start from a particular game that you like. On various online casino sites, each game can be represented by one or another gaming provider and, accordingly, its gameplay and storyline can be different. Therefore, as soon as you can compare this or that game, you can choose the most optimal variant of a gambling sites for you.

Best UK Online Casinos for Real Money 2020

Today in the UK, there are a considerable number of different casinos that offer their customers to bet on real money. However, it should be understood that if you choose among the best online casino options, at first you should pay attention to the system of bonuses that are provided to each player as well as how this institution conducts its gambling business in relation to the client. Thus, it is worth noting the top five most popular and professional online casinos:


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions that arise from players. It is also worth noting that if you have any additional questions, you can always contact the online support service.

Can You Trust Online Casino Reviews?

Yes, such reviews can be trusted if they are written on official sites.

Are Real Money UK Online Casinos Industry Safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe since all online gambling in Great Britain is regulated.

Can I Play Fair Online Casinos for Free?

Online casinos provides players with the opportunity to try one or another game in the demo version that is absolutely free.

Are All These Online Casinos Legitimate?

No, not all British casinos are absolutely legal. That is why it is important to check the license of the casino to conduct activities.

Do High Rollers Get Special VIP Packages?

Often a high roller can receive such benefits as one makes a significant amount of bets with large amounts.

How Can I Maximise My Chances of Winning?

Take a close look at the rules of the game and analyse the various strategies that are available online.

Can I Also Bet On Sports, Bingo, Poker, Etc.?

Yes, you can take a chance on these types of online games.

How Can I Get Help for Problem Gambling?

Treat gambling more deliberately and do not perceive them except as entertainment.

Do Online Deposits Charge Any Fees?

It depends on the system used for making payments

Is There a Limit on How Much You Can Deposit?

The limit on bets depends on the particular game and casino rules.

Bottom Line

Today an online casino is a very popular place where authority from all over the world can get a lot of pleasure and try unique gaming products. In addition, it is worth noting that in online gambling websites the number of online games is much more than in land-based casinos.